Intuitive Chakra Balancing


1 hour session $105

1.5 hour session $145

What is Chakra work?

The word chakra means spinning wheels of energy. There are "7 Vital Energy Chakra Centers" spinning towards the front & back of the body along your spinal cord. Each chakra resonates a colour and vibrates a musical note. Each center is essential to the health of specific organs, emotions and thoughts. By keeping these 7 chakras open this can prevent illnesses and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit connection.  Navigating chakra centers is an art and a science. We come to understand what each center represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. This is an essential key to good health.

What is a Chakra balancing session?
As an intuitive practitioner, I offer one  on one sessions along with Reiki energy to scan the client's body and identify the chakras that are not in harmony. Although balancing your own chakras on a regular basis is ideal, many people prefer to have a practitioner work these energy centers and help them push through emotional and mental barriers that are keeping them stuck. There are several approaches to harmonize the chakras.    


7 Chakras Centers
Approaches suggested to keep them aligned     Element/Sense 
7th Chakra  Spiritual Guide - Church/Community - Self-help - Meditation - Positive Affirmations  Thought      
6th  Chakra  Discovering your Intuition - studying  Who am I         Light
5th  Chakra  Vocal release - Singing -Music therapy - Chanting    Ether /Sound 
4th  Chakra Massage - Body Memory Recall - Reiki - Dancing -Yoga practices - Crystal therapy  Air / Touch   /exercise  
3rd  Chakra Creative Visualization - Meditation - Painting- Color therapy   Fire / Sight 
2nd Chakra Naturopathic Practice & Healthy nutrition - Tantric work (sexual energy)   Water / Taste  
1st  Chakra Aromatherapy - Essential oils- Gardening - Nature walk   Earth / Smell 
8th  Center * Cleansing the magnetic fields and the auras    Magnetic &  Aura fields

 * I like to mention an 8 energy center which is "the magnetic and aura field"  that surrounds the etheric body. This energy center influences us socially and energetically . It works with the Auric field 

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