Benefits of Reflexology:
  1. Promotes self-awareness(how feet affect the whole body) 
  2. Release physical, mental and emotional tension from body
  3. Improves circulation throughout the body
  4. Helps release toxins through detoxification
  5. Relaxes the body into para-sympathetic to help it heal itself
  6. Helps in balancing meridians
  7. Contributes to the prevention of illness 
  8. Promotes well-being
  9. Nurturing massage 

1 hour session $105

1.5 hour session $145

What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology is a foot, hand and ear massage used to relieve tensions and prevent illness, based on the theory that there are points on the feet, hands, and ears linked to every part of the body. A practitioner using this Holistic Asian approach will massage your feet, hands, and ears knowing that the corresponding gland and organ are benefiting from the controlled pressure. Reflexology is known to relieve tensions, improve circulation, and encourage all systems to work together to re-establish balance.

Possible Reactions: (following a session)
Improved Digestion: The treatment often improves digestion; changes in appetite because overall stress is reduced which allows it to relax and heal.
Normalizing functions of:

"Liver" increases bile production
"Gallbladder" releases bile needed for emulsifying fats
"Pancreas" aids the digestive processes which involves the small 
and large intestines passing & eliminating foods and waste materials
"Ileoceal valve" elicits peristalsis for elimination 

Cold: With stress removal and enhanced circulation,  a client may experience feeling cold due to the cooling effects created when perspiration evaporates.
Taste in the mouth: Because the body is detoxifying, the client may have a bad taste in the mouth. 
Perspiration: The body may perspire when it releases excess fluid from the lymphatic system.
Mucus: Excess mucus is often released when the body is detoxifying the sinus cavities and the walls of the small and large intestines.
Frequent bowel movements: Since the massage is stimulating the digestive system,  more bowel movements can be expected
Tiredness: The bodyoften  experiences some fatigue due to the removal of stress, the normalization of the metabolism and the body going into parasympathetic mode.
Headaches and Nausea: During the process of detoxification, it is common to experience headaches and/or nausea. Drinking water is recommended.
Eyes Watering: If the eyes water, it is due to the cleansing of the lacrimal glands.
Pain Release: The body is able to release pain in nerves and muscles when it goes into parasympathetic mode, thereby bringing about healing and relaxation. 
Skin Reactions:  The circulation increases and metabolism normalizes. Peolpe with already existing skin disorder may notice a flare up because of detoxification.
Gas Release:  Since the digestive functions are improved and the relaxation response has been triggered, the passing of gas often follows.
Increased Urination: After a treatment, a client may urinate more frequently because the body has been able to clean any obstruction in the urinary system.

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