Intuitive Services


Benefits of Intuitive Meditation

  1. better sleep
  2. slows down mental chatter
  3. regulates emotions
  4. well-being and inner peace
  5. more focused and calm
  6. helps with anxiety
  7. brings body into parasympathetic mode

Benefits of the Unity Drum

- The Drum is the closest sound of our own mother’s heartbeat
- It s a symbol of connection to Mother Earth who carries us and holds us up each day
- Many have said that they feel lighter after a drum session and that they love how it balances them from the inside out
- Some have said that they slept like a baby after their session
- I believe the vibration of the drum penetrates all the cells and can be very healing
- A preventive holistic méthod of healing
- It’s very meditative and slows the down th brain big time
- It elevates the vibrational energy within the body and helps sooth & calm the nervous system

Recommended services to add to your drum session - Reflexology (detox & circulation), Singing bowl (mind), Reiki (healing) 

1 hour session $105

1.5 hour session $145

What are Intuitive Services

Intuitive Services encompasses all of the services I provide such as:

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Meditation Massage  Aromatherapy / Essential Oils
Unity Drum Yoga Sonotherapy 
  Chakra Balancing


  Crystal Sound Bath  

When a client requests intuitive services, I use a combination of services to help promote healing and relaxation. Depending on the needs of each individual, this could encompass a number of solutions meant to direct positive energy to the body, mind and soul. 

You can find specific information for some of these services on their own pages such as Massage, Yoga Reiki and Chakra Balancing

What is Intuitive Meditation?

1. Mindfulness means using "Mindfulness breathing" to keep you focused in the moment. No matter what you doing in the moement, this meditation will help you become aware of your thoughts jumping around from one idea to another.  This approach can help you to practice staying alert and sensitive to yourself and your invironment.  Mindfulness breathing can also reduce anxiety, calm the jitters and help you to simply relax. Let the breath help you concentration and you'll notice how this can help the intire body and mind unwind. 

2. " Mindfulness body scanning" is  another form of mindfulness meditation. The hardest part of body scanning is sitting and listening to body.  Often people tell me that the mental chatter interferes With practice youll be able to detecting signs/ailments and just listen to what the body needs. Sometimes people need to meditate with others at first to change habits and challenge the chatter. Its not important to know how or when tensions got into the body. 
Therefore, bringing conscious attention to the body by using mindfulness techniques (i.e. breathing or walking with awareness, meditation,etc ) can help balance each chackra to help prevent illness.&Navigating chakra centers while body scanning is a great way to do Chakra alligning.

3. "Mindfulness nature walk" is one more way to stay in the moment and an great way to ground yourself into the moment.

4. "Creative visualization "is another form of meditation

5." Kundalini Chakra Yoga " this approach leaves you feeling balanced and focused.

I offer meditation one on one sessions with anyone interested. I provide a safe environement to meditate.

What is the Community Healing Unity Drum?

The Healing Unity Drum is a 6 foot in circumference drum made to be attached on a cedar frame over a Massage table.

The skin of the drum is offered from Wapiti, purchased in an aboriginal community by Jacques Nadon who is the designer and Ceremonial Drum Master from Quebec.

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I’m honoured and proud to hold this community drum. Holding a drum comes with responsibilities. It’s must be cared for with TLC .I honour the animal which has given its skin to create this healing drum. I honour all that are called to receive.

This sacred vibrational tool can help clients, family and friends heal through sonotherapy. The sounds omitted from this drum are amazing and life changing . 

As a Shamanic practitioner I’ve had clients share that they have felt ancestral roots in the room while by receiving a session.</

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