This program will allow you to discover your authentic self and come into your full power and potential.

Do you ever feel trapped or stuck on a emotional roller coaster in a life that doesn’t have meaning ?

Do you ask yourself questions like: Why wasn’t I able to bounce back? What’s wrong with me? Am I not strong enough?

If I offered skills to help you move from negative thoughts to positive ones within seconds would you accept the help?

If you said yes to any of the above questions….this program is for YOU!

I feel your pain deeply as I have experienced my own.

For me it all began when I was 20 and gave birth to my first and only daughter. I suffered greatly from postpartum depression, but back then there wasn’t a name for it, or any resources to help me through it. I fell into a deep hole of depression and anxiety, suffered many sleepless nights, and struggled to understand how I could care for this beautiful creature when I could hardly care for myself. It was at that young age I reverted to the habits that my mother showed me when I was young. Burry all my feelings, refuse to show weakness or express any of my pain. On the inside I felt extremely insecure, depressed, anxious, and afraid, but I refused to show the world any of this. To everyone else who knew me, they saw a strong, capable woman and mother. Why? Because that is what I showed them. I wore a mask and pretended to be someone I was not because I didn’t know how else to be. For over a decade I struggled internally, and although I tried so many different forms of physical, mental and emotional healing including psychotherapy, massage, and bodywork, Reiki, EMF balancing technique, etc. it wasn’t until I took my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Awaken Love Yoga School that all the knowledge I had absorbed over the years finally became embodied. The combination of everything I learned above helped me tremendously, and although yoga allowed me to integrate it all, each had its own incredibly transformational elements to them. 

The key to my transformation

When I first realized how much I was struggling, instead of doing the deep inner child healing I needed, I dedicated my energy to trying to solve everyone else’s problems instead of my own. When I took my Yoga Teacher Training it finally clicked that I needed to turn my attention inward. That started a radical self-healing journey, and I haven’t looked back. Yoga allowed me to ground all the knowledge I gained elsewhere and I was finally able to apply it and integrate it into my own everyday life. Some of the most profound things I have learned and healed in my life are rooted in the realization that everything starts with ME, within ME. That level of personal responsibility opened a door to deeper more profound healing and living. As I dove deeper into my Yoga training, my intrigue with the chakras and energy centers expanded tremendously. I began immersing myself in the concepts and applying them to my everyday life. As each chakra would open and rebalance I saw tangible results in my day-to-day experiences. Understanding the power of the chakras was the key to my next level of transformation and has become one of my greatest passions to share with others.   

That is why I created this 8 week program called
Rebounding Through The Chakras!

I wanted to save you the thousands of hours and dollars I spent trying to find the key to my greatest transformation. This program is a simple and accessible blueprint for you to understand the chakras, the role they play in your life and how if properly balanced can unlock unlimited healing, abundance, confidence, awareness and clarity! 

I am on a mission to help women:

  • who are ready to move towards a satisfying life filled with meaningful relationships, love, joy and peace.
  • shift into a positive mindset to eradicate old negative belief patterns passed down from one generation to another.
  • understand how hormone imbalances can affect all aspects of their life.
  • find hope in times of transition despite stress, anxiety and depression (burn out).

And this 8 week program is designed specifically for YOU to help you step into your true self with more confidence and clarity!

You'll also get...

3 FREE Meditations

FREE Chakra Meditation

Essential Oils

Healing Gemstones

Sound Therapy

PDF's of each Module

Rebounding Through The Chakras will help you...


  • Train your mind, your body and your spirit to rebound in times of change to move  through challenging times . 
  • Build valuable skills to implement and build resilience 
  • Understand your limiting beliefs and how they affect you 
  • Learn to control your emotional impulses in communication
  • What habits keep us stuck and how you can change them. 
  • Heal the inner child - subconscious conditioning 
  • Learn to listen and take care of our body 
  • Discover your creative essence through self expression, arts, sound voice etc.. 
  • Claim your power and grounding into authentic self 

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