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Are you wanting to learn a self healing technique that is simple and effective ?

How would you feel if you got up in the morning with vital energy and ready to move ?

Reiki is a Japanese holistic gentle approach that can assist in healing the mind- body and spirit

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Usui Reiki Certification Level 1 
June 1st & 2nd @ 9am - 3pm

Usui Reiki Certification Level 2 
May 25tht & 26th @ 9am - 3pm

Program Details

Find out more about each of our programs below. A course description is included in each description.


What are the "Benefits" of Reiki USUI?  

To help you learn how you can heal yourself through self healing approach.

Opens your "crown chakra" to bring attention to Divine Universal Connections which nurtures a feeling that we are not alone and of us being part of ONE big plan here on earth.

Opens your "3 rd eye chakra" increases your intuition by learning to listen to your gutt and following through with your inner nudges. Its can help you over time to increase your vital physical energy so you can get up and get things done.

Opens the "Heart Chakra" to help with connection to self-love and connection to others through open hearted trust. Healing the heart is the most beneficial part of Reiki attunementsIt can influence your auric energy field for people who are "empaths" or a  "highly sensitive person".

Oppurtunity to learn how to ground themselves to them detach from other peoples emotional, physical and mental issues to calms anxiety and bring your own body into relaxation mode which in turn assist the body in healing itself.

It promotes this feeling of being alive.

Learning Reiki can change your body, your thinking, and your life.It can help you recharge your battery if its low or drained for whatever reason; illness, stress etc.  After a person receives that charge Reiki energy goes where it is needed to help heal the circumstances.

It keeps your life force alive and flowing. 

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it outside yourself "   -Buddha 

Level 1 Reiki USUI Attunements

What is Reiki USUI ?  
Originates from Japan and it's pronounced "Ray-Key". The word is made up of two parts, Rei and Ki.  The founder of Reiki  USUI is Dr. Usui. 

A common definition for "Rei " is "Universal, Spiritual, God Consciousness, Higher Self" energy.  

A common definition for " Ki " is life force energy or Chi energy found within your own body and spirit. 

When I attune someone to Reiki as a teacher, I first help people understand why they are needing a the attunement. I work with "Chackra balancing" while using Reiki USUI symbols to assist in the attunments.  

What should I know before registering for  Level 1

Reiki USUI: How to give yourself " Reiki "  
-  Classes of 5-6 students only
-  Weekend classes: Saturday and Sunday from 9-3 pm .
-  Dress comfortably in layers
-  You are there to Learn to love yourself first.
-  This session focuses on YOU 

Course Outline

Reiki Level 1 (Self):

History of Reiki
Reiki Lineage - Dr Usui
The 5 principles of Reiki
Meditation exercises
Learning chakra balancing techniques
Learning Reiki self-treatment
Learning hand positions
Learning power symbol
Learning grounding techniques  

Why attunments?
20 minute attunement alone with the teacher
Discussion about different levels of Reiki 2 or Master  Why?
Many discusions and personal growth oppurtunities
Certificat of completion given to each student 


What Happens in Level 2 USUI

What Happens after a 2nd Reiki Level attunement:

  • You will be able to manifest what you need in your life at a faster pace
  • Your Reiki energy will flow at stronger and higher vibration
  • Reiki awareness will be able to expand through experience and progress
  • You will have 3 powerful Reiki symbols use and activate
  • You will learn how to use symbols by themselves or combine them for different healing situations
  • You will be able to do more Reiki work on someone without requiring as much time
  • You can now send Reiki to the past, present and future.
  • Learn how create balance between mind body and spirit
  • You will become more aware of the intensity, flow and the power Reiki brings you to help others heal
  • You will become more intuitive and psychic
  • You will notice more changes in your life that were needed and unique to your journey
  • You will recieve a level 2 certificate

(Level 2) Reiki: Learning distance healing & How to give Reiki to others (hands-on) 

Level 2 gives students the skills to practice reiki on others and open energy channels more deeply

The only criteria for learning Reiki Level 2 is to have studied Reiki Level 1.   You should not do Reiki Level 2 without having first done level 1.

Course Outline


  • Sharing circle -review of level 1
  • Meditations circle techniques.  Why ?
  • How to greet a client? Case history etc...
  • Learning more symbols : meaning & drawing them out  
  • Distance Healing? How & when to use it ?
  • 20 minute alone with teacher - attunement to level 2 with symbols
  • Personal growth oppurtunity
  • Possibilities of Reiki shares and social circle of Reiki practionners
  • This attunement will increase your vibration to amplify the energy channeled by you to other people and animals
  • Buiding a Reiki practice. How?
  • Certificate of completion given for Level 2


What Happens in Level 3 - Reiki Master

What Happens after your Master Attunement:
  • your healing energy will flow even stronger and vibrate more intensely. It will continue to expand at your own pace
  • your personal growth will expand to higher levels
  • You will get your Master  symbol and learn hw to use it
  • You will become more at one with youreself and the Universe
  • Your awareness and intensity will expand
  • More intuitive and psychic
  • The attunement will help you personally in your own life wherever its needed
  • You will feel more fulfilled and whole
  • All the qualities of Reiki are enhanced by recieving Master Symbol
  • More changes .... 
Classes are taught by Irene R Dumais : Usui, Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Master

Usui Reiki Master (Level 3)

Usui Reiki Master Level 3 Usui:     Learning to be a teacher  
  • Learning Reiki to become a Master / Teacher  
  • This Reiki training class is the first part of your Master Level of Reiki Usui
  • You will be attuned to the Reiki Master Symbol and review other 3 symbols
  • It is suitable for Reiki level II practitioners desiring to progress towards becoming Usui Reiki Teacher
  • You will have access to private Reiki group emails and updates through teacher's website
Pre-requisite for learning Usui Reiki Master Level 3 Teacher's training
  • Any student having completed a  Usui Level 2 Reiki 
  • Has been attuned to Usui level 2 at least 2- 3 months before registering for Usui level 3 Reiki
  • Expecting that as a level 2 practitioner, you have been putting your skills into practice
  • Understand that their is a responsability that comes for you to mentor others about Reiki and help students that your attuning by offering them support 

Course Outline

Usui Reiki Master Level 3:

• Review of level 2 symbols to enhance distance healing (being able to send healing energy for the highest good) to a person, animal, place, or situation in the past present or future (think of the possibilities)
• The ability to cleanse a space or your own personal energy field
• An increase in the ability to facilitate emotional/spiritual healing as well as a widening and deepening of your energy channels, an increase in the Reiki you heal with, a much deeper connection to Reiki
• Being able to accelerate healing when sick, being able to relieve the pain of an injury, heal feelings of anger, fear, grief, or decrease discomfort after surgery
At the end of this course,
  • you will feel confident in giving a Reiki treatment at a professional level AND
  • you will acquire the skills you need to teach levels 1 and 2 Reiki to others


Level 1 & 2 - Holy Fire Reiki

Rei: Spiritual consciousness; Spiritual wisdom

Ki: Life Force Energy - Prana energy in Sanskrit

What is an attunement:

A Reiki Master and Teacher. (Irene) attunes a student by channel Reiki energy with specific Reiki symbols to align the student’ s energy directly to Reiki vibration .

The teacher is the bridge to link you directly with Reiki channel. This will link and open the students energetic body to receive Reiki directly and this will bring change and open student up to more spiritual consciousness.

What is the difference between Usui and Holy Fire ?

Usui Reiki is traditional lineage of Reiki through hands on approach as thought by the Founder of Reiki Dr. Usui.

You’ll learn specific symbols discovered by the specific founder himself.

Level 1 is to learn Reiki for self-healing. Level 2 is to learn how to give Reiki to others . Both Reiki are used for similar reasons .

Usui Attunement

  • traditionally given by Reiki teacher and it involves touch, blowing over areas, walking around you and using specific symbols over the physical body with light touch .
  • Teacher is Very involved in process .


  • the lineage is created by all past teacher starting with Dr. Usui up to 4 levels of teachers


  • specific Usui symbols

Holy fire Reiki - founder William Lee Rand

Created January 2014 - New form of Reiki

This reiki approach is more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness .

Holy fire attunement:

The Reiki Master holds space for the reiki ignition to happen .

The teacher is minimally involved to allow the ignitions to happen.

Holy Fire Lineage : there is no lineage ( reiki master simply holds space ) no middle man = you and the energy . Less importance to teacher .

Symbols: use holy fire symbols instead Usui

Holy Fire Level 1 & 2


  • Works quicker and faster and completely empowers me as a student .
  • A lot of holy fire reiki clients say it’s more powerful, focused and direct
  • In my opinion, Holy fire reiki works a lot faster and effectively.
  • Of course everybody has their own experience .
  • Evolution of reiki : New age . It gets to root of deep trauma that is holding people back .
  • Energetically heals the old traumas .

With Holy Fire you still learn the history of founder of Reiki Dr. Usui

Instead of attunements, the teacher offers placements through guided visualization along with same symbols with added Holy fire symbol.

Holy fire placements or ignitions are the newest type of Reiki (new age reiki). It’s given by teacher through guided visualization approaches.

It’s open to all subtle energy centres.


Course Outline

Day 1

  • Reiki defined ........and history of USUI Reiki
  • Self session .........for healing Usui
  • How does Reiki heal ?
  • The Aura .....and what it does mean ?
  • The Reiki Symbols and why we use them
  • Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits - addiction etc ...

Day 2:

  • Distance Healing
  • Intention setting and empowering goals
  • Self scanning
  • Gassho meditation
  • Boysen scanning
  • Distance: teddy bear technique
  • Hands on : self healing practice ( Irene guides you );
  • Alternate session for self healing
  • Afternoon :
  • Hand positions for treating others
  • Beaming

Day 3:

  • Giving complete healing session and finding your own style
  • Techniques to enhance the session

Creating your own practice part 1

  • Goal manifesting exercise
  • Business consciousness
  • Money
  • Competition

Creating your own practice part 2

  • Liability insurance
  • Reiki room
  • Records
  • Website / business cards
  • Practice explaining Reiki to others
  • Professional referrals
  • Reiki shares
  • Holistic fairs

Discussion on becoming a Reiki Master

  • serious step - what is it ?
  • Integrity ( life purpose )
  • The reiki lifestyle
  • Treat students with respect

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I have embodied many valuable skills professionally and personally over my 21 years' experience. My mission is to create a safe space to allow you to release and heal in mind, body and spirit. 

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