Reiki Services

Benefits of Reiki:
  1. Fosters peacefulness
  2. Promotes pain relief
  3. Strengthens spiritual connections
  4. Adapts to your individual needs
  5. Relieves fatigue
  6. Promotes sleep
  7. Clears toxins
  8. Strenghtening natural self-healing processes
  9. Soothes emotional distress
  10. Helps unlock suppressed feelings
  11. Boosts the immune system
  12. Relaxes tight muscles

1 hour session $105

1.5 hour session $145

What is a Reiki Energy Session ?  
This gentle subtle Japanese Energy approach allows the practitioner to transfer "Vital Life Force Energy"  through his/her hands. Reiki originates from Japan. It's pronounced "ray-key". A common definition for Rei is "Universal love " A common definition for Ki is "Life force energy". "Specific hand positions" and "symbols" in sequences are administered directly over clothing on the clients body to help regulate emotions, slow an overactive brain and address physical aches and pain. "Reiki is often recommended for cancer patients" 

The 5 Principles of Reiki 
1. Do not worry
2. Do not anger
3. Do your work honestly
4. Honour your parents and teachers
5. Be kind to all living things

 How can you tell Reiki energy is at work:
  • the practitioners hands will get warm or hot
  • the client and practititoner can feel the energy being channeled to the client body
  • the skin under the practitioners hands can get itchy or clammy
  • the client may feel like waves of energy going through the body especially in the area under the practitioner's hands
  • the client will get sleepy or possibly fall asleep
  • the client's body may jolt because of involentary movement
  • the client may notice that pain is releasing from problem area
  • the client will yawn due to the body relaxing
  • the client may body scan and become aware of uncounscious body memory and feelings
  • the client will feel at peace after the session.
  • the client will realize that spiritual healing is happening.
  • client will feel stronger and self-empowered 
  • the person recieving that  Reiki charge can feel the energy going to problem area to help heal it
  • the client will feel focused and full of life force energy, alive and flowing
  • brings body into para-sympathethic mode to help improve sleep and relax the nervous system

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